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Integration - Support

Integration and Support The department aims to implement and maintain a set of software solutions designed to apply the print and management strategy document process initially defined by the customer.


The implementation of service is carried out by our team of experts certified by the editors.

The proposed programs are carefully selected for integration in complex environments using the most advanced technologies in the market. The organization of the implementation of service aims to ensure the quality, costs and time for all parts of the project.


The organization usually consists in 4 steps:

The initialization phase that allows the implementation of the project structure, recall the objectives, means, roles, responsibilities and the provisional schedule.
The establishment of a pilot who is to define the target configuration and the drafting of installation procedures ..
Deployment and generalization of the solution on the customer production infrastructure.
Training of stakeholders and users.
The course of these 4 steps accompanied crossings allows to achieve the recipe of the implementation of service.

Monitoring the solution then passes between the hand INBUSOL support center based in Noumea.


Audit - Consulting

Expand the knowledge of your print infrastructure and optimize its effectiveness.

Printing is a ubiquitous task in your daily activity. But have you actually control? Are users satisfied?

The audit Printing INBUSOL has the solution to determine your actual needs.

Many companies do not know really estimate the costs of their printing infrastructure or how to act to reduce them. Faced with the alarming growth of IT annual spending on printing, audit services developed by INBUSOL provide the answer to these concerns.

The print audit INBUSOL

Consisting of a powerful suite of software and professional services, supply INBUSOL Printing allows you to get a clear vision of your current system and identify the different areas of improvement to optimize operations and reduce costs. According to your wishes, several levels of services and analyzes are available and give you the flexibility to adapt to your situation and your goals.

Expert advice

These services are provided by specialists, consultants Printing Systems, that will make you benefit from their experience in the implementation of your projects.