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1 – Create groups of employees

Harmonize signatures

No more low mail alerts by employees themselves! Centralize the management of signatures and all the information of employees (name, function, service …):

  • excel file import
  • synchronization with enterprise directories
  • Adding coordinates manual
  • Providing a user space (if your databases are not updated)


Target your messages

You want to adjust and modulate your signatures based on your organization? LetSignIt allows you to customize your email signatures based on groups of employees, by:

  • Service
  • Filliale
  • Country


2 – Customize your signature


lsi3.2_0A wide selection of customizable templates

You do not have html skills? Choose from the library the model that suits you and adapt to your brand in a few clicks.


lsi2.2A bespoke creation

LetSignIt can create fully customized email signatures with an html editor easy to handle: create patterns that look like you.





geekFor the geeks !

Directly import your raw code if you prefer working on other creative platforms.


3 – Integrate interactive widgets


A wide selection of customizable templates

Recruiting new members and animate your different platforms:
Twitter: relaying your last twit dynamically!

Google +



Optimize all of your marketing efforts by integrating event banners:

  • Exhibition participation
  • Product launch
    commercial offer of the moment


codeQR Code

Boost your mail signatures by generating and integrating QR code:

  • Vcard
  • URL
  • SMS


Multiply the number of views your videos by including them in your email signature







Enjoy your mail exchanges to survey your audience by incorporating:

  • Customer satisfaction studies
  • Surveys on the suitability of a product launch


Strengthen your image and measure the returns of all your inquiries through the tracking tool.

4 – Plan your campaigns


lsi1.4No more communication about past events!

With management by campaign, set start dates and end signature campaign:

  • More wishes sent in June
  • More communication on living past

Each user sending about 30 emails a day, as much risk of damaging your brand: take control !


lsi2..4_0Because every user is unique!

Each employee has needs of its own. LetSignIt offers a multi-signature management which gives him the freedom to choose from a list of campaigns created by the manager.

Depending on their needs, employees have the opportunity to select a signature rather than another.




5 – Manage your campaigns


camp11Measure the ROI of your signatures

Using the daily mail, you reach a deliverability rate close to 100%. You are guaranteed that pushed messages reach your target.

The datatracker available in the app will allow you to compare the performance and relevance of each of your signatures.


is1Shipments, clicks, CTR …

The datatracker LetSignIt gives you access to all of the quantitative data of your signature campaigns. Create your own reports to suit your reporting needs and access

  • Number of items, clicks, clickthrough rate
  • best campaigns
  • top segments


clickWho clicked what?

More than that, also see qualitative data of your signature campaigns:

  • Who clicked on your latest video?
  • Who joined your social networking platforms?
  • Who responded to your satisfaction survey?