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The FMAudit® Solution


You’re an IT administrator at an enterprise with offices scattered across a large city district. Your roles and responsibilities include maintaining and monitoring IT servers, networks, and security systems as well as devices in various locations. To ensure a cost-effective and stress-free IT environment for all staff members, you and your team need to monitor the IT infrastructure on a regular basis.
FMAudit helps you do this, at least in terms of print fleet management.



 FMAudit® Central Server


Central Server is the heart of the FMAudit® software solution. This data repository holds all of the usage data from your customers’ accounts and seamlessly integrates that data with your accounting, ERP or CRM system. This data can then be leveraged to create Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO) reports, account management strategies, and customized workflows for your supply and service alerts.

  • Data repository for the device data collected by FMAudit
  • Leverage the information to empower your staff to develop and act on your strategic business initiatives in both new and existing accounts

Hosting Options

  • Internally: dealer may install internally at their office and provide internal and/or external access to their employees and end users (customers)
  • FMAudit shared: hosting service provided by FMAudit using a shared hosted server
  • FMAudit hosted: dedicated hosting service provided by FMAudit using a dedicated hosted server

Data Capture


FMAudit® offers the most extensive data collection software tools available in the industry today. Information collected through our Data Capture Technologies goes into the Central Server and allows you to create reports, account management strategies, and set up supply and service alerts.

Assess and monitor information through one of our Data Capture Technologies. We provide a variety to accommodate your diverse client base:

  • Onsite® is for clients who are open to installing data collection software on their network. It provides for continual data collection of meters, supplies, and service for networked devices.
  • FMAudit® Viewer (a USB device) used for quick, stand-alone assessments. Manual print assessments during the sales process can consume days and even weeks of effort. Now, the same information can be gathered in minutes with FMAudit® Viewer. Simply insert the USB key into a PC on the client’s network and Viewer gathers information on all of the current networked devices.Insert Viewer into your computer to:
    • Create valuable TCO reports
    • Export data to FMAudit® Central Server
    • Export data to proposal generation software
  • WebAudit offers the ability to collect meters over the Internet. This patent-pending technology collects meter readings without installing software on the client’s network. How it works:
    • The client clicks on a Web link that opens their Web browser
    • WebAudit discovers the devices on the client’s network and creates a table of the meter readings
    • The client transmits the data to you simply by clicking “Send”
    • This data is sent to your WebAudit Central Server and is synchronized with your billing system
  • Local Agent (patent pending) Dealing with local printers is one of the most challenging aspects of deploying a remote meter reading and managed print services program. In many organizations, more than 40% of printers are not networked. Other data collection products cannot see these devices. Not only do you miss out on the meter revenue from these printers, you also risk clients using supplies from your managed devices on these non-managed systems. Local Agent allows you to capture meters from non-networked devices. This small software application is loaded onto PCs that have printers connected. This allows all of FMAudit’s data collection devices (WebAudit, Onsite and FMAudit® Viewer) to capture meters from these local devices.How it works:
    • Install Local Agent on PCs with printers
    • FMAudit takes meters from these devices just like any other network printer

TCO Reporting


Understanding your clients’ Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of their printer and MFP fleets is the foundation for developing compelling sales proposals. FMAudit® makes TCO assessment easy with integrated reports that help you understand your client’s usage patterns. Not only does this provide data for the initial sale, it also provides reports to present during quarterly reviews with the client.

Dynamic reporting

Viewer USB creates many useful reports. Here are some of the most popular:

  • Monthly Usage Matrix graphically illustrates monthly usage, total mono/color volumes and toner coverage percentage
  • Usage vs. Recommended Duty Cycle reports over- and under-utilization by visually representing threshold percent of duty cycle

Side by side database

FMAudit maintains a database of more than 10,000 printer and MFP models. There are more than 130 fields of information for each device (images, supply costs, yields, part numbers, etc.). This allows you to quickly create TCO reports based on industry information. This database is updated daily and synchronized with your server, ensuring you are always working with the latest data.

Customized reports

If you want to create a more detailed report for a client, you can enter their actual supply costs. This allows you to work collaboratively with the client to develop a print management strategy.