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A lot of companies publish these long detailed “legal speak” privacy policies, often hiding the fact that they’re going to sell your email address to to 3rd parties, or send you “interesting” updates every second day! At INBUSOL, we’ve decided that our privacy policy should be simple and presented in plain English. Here it is:

We’ll treat your personal information like we’d like others to treat ours.

This means:

  • We will not forward your email or contact details to any 3rd party without first asking your permission. Sometimes we ask permission from time to time to arrange references, etc.
  • If you supply us with test data, database backup, or system logs to help find a bug, we’ll only use your data to find the bug and we’ll treat it in confidence. Once it’s no longer required, data will be deleted from our systems.
  • We will not over run your in box with emails selling you “new and exciting” products. We have an opt-in/out low announcement list. You can unsubscribe from it at any time.
  • If we ever send you something you find annoying, just email us and let us know. There is always someone real at our end that reads emails and we do action requests, comments and complaints.
  • You might have noticed the mention in our EULA about data collection and the reason we do that is so we can provide our customers with a better support and improve the user experience. We do this by gauging which features work best and offer the most value for you, our customers.
  • Our software applications will never secretly prompt you to install some gee-wiz browser toolbar. As software geeks we needed to put that one in the list.